IPO and 4 things you must get right!

Let’s go IPOing!


This topic popped up recently in a discussion with a very upcoming Fintech. They actually wanted to know a bit more about IPO and when and how to consider it. But before you even put it on your funding-strategy agenda, I suggest you cover all four of the S’s.


The Four S’s to be done before hitting the IPO phase:

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The Survival Guide to Fundraising for Founders

 Six main types of Funding for Start-up Companies

I cannot even remember how many times I have talked to founders about fundraising. That seems to be one of the most-often talked about topics related to the start-up scene. Everything you do: coming up with the idea, preparing the investors’ deck, perfecting your pitch… name it, all that leads back to the fundraising. Before you dive in deeply to prepare it all, it would be good to take some time and understand what is really Seed or Series A, B and C.

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