Products require multiple hours of work in order to reach deliverables; thus, the product packages have a fixed price per deliverable.
Services are provided on an hourly, daily or monthly basis and our expertise is delivered within this time framework.


Investment/Funding strategy

We can work with you and your team in the form of individual sessions, strategy workshops, or a series of mentoring hours.  It all depends on your needs.

Investment-ready program

Based on your needs and your development phase, we can help you with pitch perfection, whole investment deck fine tuning, or help you with developing an investor-grade business plan.  We also do Startup Assessment Reports (including a rating model and written assessment report).

Business-improvement strategy

The form of work is again up to you, but here, we will go deep into your business model and advise you how to monetize better, identify hurdles, and realize how to work leaner and meaner.

Custom-tailored package

Tell us your problem and we will find a solution in a form that suits you.  If we are not fit to solve it, we can certainly give you ideas where to look for the solution.

We also provide the following services:

One-on-one mentoring, management consulting, or business coaching (hourly fee)
Advisory board services (monthly fee)
Top-executive mentoring (monthly fee)

Event speaking services
(expenses + daily fee)

We can provide presentations or workshops depending on your needs.