Though each project is unique, we have a established a 5 step process that ensures your project is completed on time

  • First step – introduction

    As always, we need to meet each other first. We can do that electronically or in-person.

  • Second step – Confidentiality secured

    Don’t worry it is not a pre-nap although it is meant to protect you and your intellectual property.

  • Third step – brainstorming session

    We will schedule a short, free-of-charge discussion on-line or off-line or via e-mail about your current situation. During this initial assessment, we will jointly identify topics of concern and agree on what should be done and on the deliverables.

  • Fourth step – rating

    If we are working on securing additional funding please fill in the rating tool we provide on this site, so that we can have a real view of your business or business idea. This is a major tool that helps us with the startup assessment, regardless of the stage of development. (Actually, the first popup box will give you three options: idea, startup and functioning company).

    In case that we are working more on other products like changing personal management style, or you need Advisory Board member, or speaker for a conference, this step does not apply to you.

  • Fifth step – Service Agreement

    Once situation is clear and deliverables are defined we agree on payment as well. The payment will be either per hour or per deliverable, whichever we jointly agree on. It will also depend upon the product or services you choose. Clear definition of services and deliverables are part of the Agreement.

  • Sixth step – The project has been initiated.ย The road to success has started.