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A group of independent professionals around the globe set up loose cooperation and built up Stizzbuzz. They work across all industries, including but not limited to: the medical industry, pharmaceuticals, aviation, wellbeing, traditional media, social media, fashion and other tech novelties.  Even if we do not have the in-house expertise you need, we have a wide network of experts we work with to help you move forward. 
Dusica Hannah Lukac is the founder of Stizzbuzz, and an internationally-recognized investment expert, strategist, advisor, non-executive director and mentor. She is a renowned expert in the field of investing, strategy development and growth.

As she says herself, Dusica has had the privilege of helping startups and global companies around the globe grow and develop. Her experience ranges from small companies with one employee all the way up to businesses with 100,000 employees in both mature and emerging markets. Dusica’s skills have been put to the test in the most challenging of business environments with: set up, operation, restructuring, and selling or closing of multiple businesses. She provides real-life experience and knowledge that academia cannot; and additionally, she is straightforward and matter-of-fact. The only risk you can take by partnering with Dusica is to have your illusions removed.

As Dusica spent more than 15 years in the financial industry (prior to that, she tested herself in the high-level diplomatic service and mastered crisis management); it does not come as surprise that she has a special affinity for FinTech.

As trying is believing please feel free to contact us directly with any questions you might have! 

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Dusica Lukac